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More Than A Feeling

A man paints his garage on a sunny day while listening to "More Than A Feeling" on the radio.Keith and I were driving and the song “More Than A Feeling” by Boston came on the radio.

Keith said it sucks.

A few days later I went to eat my lunch outside at a playground. From across the soccer field I heard the sound of “More Than A Feeling.” I walked to the edge of a hill and looked down at a man painting his garage while listening to tunes on a radio.

On a sunny, late summer day, “More Than A Feeling” didn’t suck.

The Rules of Classic Rock

Classic Rock band logos.

I grew up listening to 105.7 WAPL, “The Rockin’ Apple”  in Neenah, Wisconsin. It wasn’t exactly my station of choice but it was the station of choice for a lot of the teen boys and college dudes who worked at my dad’s store/produce farm during the summer months.

Ted Nugent, the Rolling Stones, The Who and Aerosmith all provided the soundtrack to which I washed cucumbers, beets and carrots or bagged potatoes or popcorn. I put together bunches of asparagus while listening to Jim Morrison wail about an L.A. Woman and heaved crates of sweet corn onto flat carts while Sting pleaded with Roxanne.

This was a long time ago now. All those teen and college guys have long since become adults with jobs, families, houses of their own.

What hasn’t changed, it seems, is “Classic Rock.”

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