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Overheard From the Stall

I was in a public bathroom with three stalls. Two women come in and go into stalls on either side of me, continuing their conversation.

Woman 1: So… We know that she’s a bitch, right?

Woman 2: We know that she is not a nice person.

Woman 1: It’s such a shame. Rachel loves French but she treated her like the lazy twin.
[I’m not sure what this is in reference to… if Rachel is a twin and the less productive of the pair or if calling someone a Lazy Twin is a slur I’m not familiar with.]

Woman 2: How horrible.

Conversation interrupted by explosive farting from Woman 1, with no apologies or requests to be excused.

Woman 1: I’m mean, she’s a solid B student. Always gets B’s. I get the report card… (dramatic pause) and she gave her a C+. I called her up…

Woman 2: How unfair.

Woman 1: I called her up and I said, ‘What is the meaning of this?’ and she said, ‘Listen, middle school records don’t count toward college admissions and we’re done here.’

Woman 2: Oh my God!

Woman 1: I said, ‘We’re not done here.’

At this point I exited the bathroom, very uncomfortable. Part of me wishes I would have stayed, maybe got into the conversation. I, too, had a very bitchy French teacher. However, part of me thinks the true bitches were in that bathroom.

And, just for the record, middle school grades really don’t matter, unless those grades are F’s that make it impossible to progress beyond middle school. There is a reason for the phrase “Gentleman’s C.”