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99 Projects: Head Shop Wallet

Project #1: Wallet with Skeleton Patch

I’ve had the patch I sewed onto this wallet for a long time – ha ha ha! a skeleton playing a guitar! I knew it would be right up Keith’s alley. Except now people talk less about alleys and more about wheelhouses.

But I was never sure what to do with the patch. Finally, I decided it would probably only look good on a wallet. And I wanted to make that wallet. So I combed the Internet, which is a talent of mine, and found this tutorial. It was by far the best out of all I read and very easy. I thought it would take me a few days to make it and I was all hunkered down to sew along with tea, podcasts, the dog, etc. when I realized that I could finish it in one day. I kinda like that!

The other thing I like about this project? That you use a leather skirt to make it. Finally, an actual use for all those leather skirts I see at thrift stores. I thrifted a skirt for $8. Don’t ask me why it was so much… thrift stores can get all uppity when it comes to leather. I could have gotten a royal blue leather skirt for $4 but something told me Keith would not go for that. Royal blue leather skirts are not in his wheelhouse.

If you have any interest in making a wallet like this (the patch is totally optional!) look for a larger skirt with minimal seams – you’ll get the most leather for your thrift dollar. Don’t mess around with leather jackets and coats – too expensive even at thrifts (and by that I mean they sometimes want $20 to $30!). Although, if you got really into making these and found a sweet leather trench coat that would allow you to turn out several wallets, well, it would be worth the scratch.

[That’s cool person lingo for money.]

Here are some more photos. Sorry I’m so bad at the photos, folks. I try. I really do.

Open on one side... wonky stitching...
I cut a piece of vinyl from an old pencil case for the ID holder!
"Hey, man, you got a joint?"