Picnic (Savory)

Recipe Challenge
Recipe Challenge
Picnic (Savory)

It’s full-on summer and that means more meals eaten al fresco. And while you may want to grab some takeout and head lakeside, sometimes it’s fun to make your own picnic. This episode, we went head-to-head with some delicious sandwich recipes you could make for an outdoor dining experience. Will we be putting the burrata caprese or the chicken salad in our picnic basket this summer? Savor this episode – we’re on summer break and will be back in August!

Links from the episode:
Burrata Caprese Sandwich with Cherry Tomato Confit from Bread Bake Beyond
Green Goddess Chicken Salad Sandwich from New York Times Cooking
Consider a picnic backpack
Cuisinart 14-Cup 50th Anniversary Edition Food Processor
Oofos recovery slides (Not a sponsor! We just like them!)

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