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I watch a film; I encapsulate my thoughts about it in 50 words. Or less.

50 Word Review: His Girl Friday (1940)

Rapid fire. Every male sentence begins, “Listen, sweetheart…” Every female sentence begins with, “Listen here, you…” Hildy wanted to escape journalism, get married and become normal. She was talented, smart and wore little hats perched on her head. Should have stayed divorced but kept working. Walter Burns, you’re a cad.

50 Word Review: Body Of Lies

Perhaps the Lies refer to the Body of this script. Is it fair, Russell Crow, to get so much money for doing so very little? Explosions, smashing of fingers, deals, a hoax, Middle Eastern music. As much sense as a bad dream after eating too much at the Chinese buffet.

50 Word Review: Sleepaway Camp

A gender-bending horror film from 1983 with no budget. They spent the money they had on an old summer camp location, some make-up effects and probably craft services. It manages to be hilarious all the way through and then get creepy for the final scene. Angela, take a chill pill!

50 Word Review: Showgirls

So horrible, crass, hilarious. Surely this must not be an accident? I contemplate what this twisted fairy tale means. My favorite scene is in the swimming pool – is she having sex or getting electrocuted? Every time I watch this I reach another level of appreciation. Not for literalists or Evangelicals.

50 Word Review: Definitely, Maybe

A successful recipe for a romantic comedy: hunky but humble guy, precocious but endearing child, quirky woman, sexy woman, wholesome woman. Maybe too many women? But it worked in the end. One of those movies where you can shut off your brain and have guilty-pleasure fun. Ryan Reynolds is hot.

50 Word Review: Hamlet 2

So funny in spots (“It’s not a dress, it’s a caftan and it keeps my balls at room temp”); so embarrassing in others (all the racial jokes fall flat). Uneven is the best word. But it was worth it just to see the performance of “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.” Amen.

50 Word Review: Tell No One

It’s French and fantastic, everyone said. The opening sequence does grab you by the collar. But the story gets convoluted. Here’s what happens – a writer has a great seed of an idea and starts in… only to have it fall apart in act two; derail in act three. Le sob.

50 Word Review: Pineapple Express

A hilarious update of the “stoner movie.” James Franco steals the show. Sit back, relax, don’t take it so seriously and you may find you’re having a good time. We’re in the throes of a comedy revolution in this country; let’s see where we land. Rosie Perez – hang it up.