Very Best of YouTube: Videos from Episode 8

My picks:

The Day My Kid Went Punk (1987)… a very special After School Special made for the truly special.

Get your med on…

Shit Alexis Says

And the top videos from my esteemed guests:

Katie wants you to learn finally learn how to use Windows 95 (with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry), ooh and aah over Duck Tales with real ducks (!), and enjoy the wonder of Val Kilmer losing/removing his glasses in just about every movie he’s ever made.

Meister Chimichanga is ready to waste another 30 seconds of your life… or more, if you want to spend some time checking out his YouTube channel!

Jo Ellen is a sucker for Peaches (and now I am, too), the beauty of Murmuration, and relaxing to the sound of clicking stones featured in an ASMR video (close your eyes for this one).

Keith offers up the pageantry of the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in 1992 (you can access all 13 videos through that link – but David Bowie/Annie Lennox are in part 8 and Liza is part 13) as well as possibly the most perfect video in all of YouTube-dom: a horse taking it to the limit.

Ellen introduces us to the wonder of screaming goats in this epic montage.

And Joel directs us to the ultimate YouTube stress-buster (or celebratory video, depending on your mood today): KHAAAAANN! Perfect for any situation.