Whatever Happened To (The Rest of) Baby Jane?

Does this inspire you to make a found object piece of art? A wreath of doll parts, perhaps? Or maybe a macrame plant hanger with arms woven into it?

The story of the doll arm: There used to be an entire baby doll. She was cast, naked, into one of my neighbor’s yards. I longed to take a photo of the naked doll in the snow, but it was too close to their front door and, alas, they are not the sort of folks who would take kindly to someone taking an “art picture” in their yard.

The Lady of the House often storms out in the early morning hours, one eye open and the other still crusted shut with sleep, wearing clothes it looks like she slept in, ready to fight the world.

About a week after her sighting, Baby Doll disappeared. I had visions of her being brought inside, clothed in a warm doll night gown and put into a doll cradle and rocked to doll sleep. “Oh, well,” I thought. “Someone took the doll in and is enjoying her company.”

Today I found this arm at the edge of their yard.

Another broken dream. I thought Toy Story was supposed to change everything.

2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To (The Rest of) Baby Jane?

  1. Ugh, my heart aches!
    When I take over the world and people will watch nothing but all of the Toy Story movies, Charlie Brown episodes and CBS Sunday morning.

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