Friday Is For Fashion

A round-up of fashion-y stuff to take you into the weekend. Don’t get too excited.

What’s wrong with this picture from a Ralph Lauren ad?

Colorful shirts and pants by Ralph Lauren. Let's hear it for color blocking!

If you said, “Everything,” you’re wrong. Not everything. The orange pants, for example, would be quite lovely paired with a shirt that covered one’s middriff.

The correct answer is, “Those green garbage bag pants.” After staring at this photo for awhile, I realized that those are not pants. It’s a jumpsuit, made out of an old parachute, worn as pants.

So it seems like she parachuted into this field, rolled down her jumpsuit to reveal a polo shirt with a logo that’s size- appropriate for a large-print library book and joined her colorful friends.

I hope they form a girl group called Color Blocking, a cross between Color Me Badd and Destiny’s Child. With maybe just a dash of They Might Be Giants.

Color blocking. Enough already!

The book Cycle Chic, based on the popular blog.

Perhaps you already enjoy the Cycle Chic blog, which is sort of like The Sartorialist for people who move around more. Now the Cycle Chic book is coming out! Hooray – you can pre-order on Amazon! Cycle Chic started in Copenhagen, where people are cooler and thinner than in the U.S. (sorry, Portland) and now there are sites for many major cities. Interestingly enough, there is one for Atlanta, which is very wordy. Just give us pics of babes on bikes, is what I say. Don’t try to come up with New Coke.

I checked and there is no Cycle Chic Gary, Indiana. So fuck that.

Tomboy Style book, based on the blog.

Also in Blogs-To-Books news, which these days seems as if it may deserve its own blog, the style site Tomboy Style has a book out full of androgynous goodness. I do enjoy women’s wear that is menswear inspired. Or, well, just wearing men’s clothes. I spent most of the past winter wearing a man’s sweater from 1987!

Apparently, however, Tomboy Style is about more than that. This is about women who are rebellious, adventurous and confident. So… not like women at all but more like men?

Oh, the snark, it is heavy today.

First there were the Olsen twins, who dazzled us on Full House and now have four hands in several fashion companies, most notably Elizabeth and James:

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson - twins and fashion designers.

Lately, all the photos I see of them look as if one wants to crawl inside the other. It would be cool if one could grow a pouch, like a kangaroo, and tuck the other one inside, keeping her safe and warm.

Then we got a much cooler version of Sisters-Who-Design when Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte came along:

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte.

They might be most widely known now for the costume design for Black Swan. They look like gals who would come to your Sunday Crafternoon with some homemade scones and fabric left over from the matching capes they made the previous weekend. I like.

Now we have the Courtin-Clarins Sisters – Claire, Prisca, Jenna and Virginie (actually 2 sets of sisters who are cousins and heirs to the Clarins skincare empire). This gaggle of leggy Frenchies are taking specific niches of the world’s population by storm!

The Courtin Clarins sisters

I miss Sex & the City, don’t you?

You can read more about these siblings here and here and here, if you are so inclined and have the time (which you do because you always make time for important things, right?). Oh, and more photos via Tumblr.

If you don’t have a sister or a cousin to embrace in a photo, you can always do what Oprah did on the latest issue of O Magazine– Photoshop in your younger self and give her a hug.

The cover of O Magazine, May 2012.

I think this is taking the “Only Oprah appears on the cover of O Magazine” rule too far. Here’s the other thing – someone had to stand in for Young Oprah when they were taking the photo of Current Oprah and then they cut that person out and inserted the young Oprah.

As for today’s style icon, I’m going with a photo of my dad from 1966. What a guy.

Photo of my dad in June, 1966.

I can assure you that he would not have much use for any of the previously mentioned topics in this post.