The NSFW Snowman

First there was “Who stole the Keeshka?”

Then there was “Who moved my cheese?”

And now there’s “Who Put the D**k On The Snowman?”

Catalog item called Who Put The Dick on the Snowman?

We received a catalog in the mail from The Lighter Side Co. It’s all joke stuff or stuff you would wear/ display if you lived in a terribly hokey small town or lived anywhere in the world, really, but just had bad taste. Keith and I have both taken turns, since it arrived, in examining it in great detail. I do most of my Lighter Side research while drinking tea in the morning but he topped me by bringing it to bed with him as reading material.

This is when we discovered Who Put The D**k on the Snowman on page 7.

See, the snowman is angry because someone used a thimble to represent his penis. What strikes me as odd about this, just one of the things, really, is that he’s upset because his fake penis is represented by something small. He doesn’t have a penis but, if he did, it would surely be large. So he could satisfy… his… many snow lovers?

I never knew how macho a snowman could be. And I never wanted to give this much thought to snowman dicks.

The ad says this thing plays “Rodney Carrington’s original song ‘Who Put The Dick On the Snowman.'” (No need for asterisks there, for some reason). I’m assuming that The Lighter Side Co’s usual clientele are nodding their heads while saying, “Yes! I love me some Rodney!” but I was perplexed. Even the helpful “He’s the guy who wrote ‘Titties and Beer,” didn’t ring any bells for me. [I do, however, see the theme in Rodney’s music.]

If you’re clueless like me, here’s Rodney in action. PLEASE WATCH THIS:

And now:

So, Rodney is Ray Stevens for a new generation?

If you live in a liberal bubble like I do in South Minneapolis, watching these videos may be helpful when trying to understand why Obama might not be re-elected.

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  1. Wow. Clip art AND a laugh track?
    That’s a minute of my life I can’t get back.

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