99 Projects: Garden Shelf

Project #4: Redo of the Abandoned Shelf In The Garage

When we bought our house, the people who lived here before us didn’t bother to clean out the garage when they left. Too much effort. Better to just leave it filled with detritus that we would deal with in the years to come.

Some stuff has been cleared out but much still remains. It’s the space that I think I’ve spent time cleaning and organizing until I go out there and really LOOK. It looks the same as it did a year or two ago. And then I might throw away one thing and split because it really harshes my mellow.

So it took much energy to haul this out of the garage into the bright light of day:

This shelf was the happy home for Collection of Old Paint Cans. One of them merrily wept its orange goo on the bottom shelf for many years. I have now gotten rid of every paint can in the garage and it left this shelf just sitting there. It is a very sturdy shelf.

So this is what it’s doing these days, a round of sanding and several cans of spray paint later:

The metal frame was fun to sand and spray paint. The shelves of wood kinda sucked. But I love the results.

I’ve got this awful old cement “patio” and steps that really, really need to be redone but the Year of Unemployment lingers on and it ain’t happening this summer so… this is what I call a Distracting Element that draws one’s eye away from the crumbling, cracking mess.

I took the above photo this morning and then I turned around and took this one:

"I good dog. Why you give bath? You hate?"

4 thoughts on “99 Projects: Garden Shelf

  1. LOVE the colors on the shelf – will you come make crap from MY garage look that nice? 😉

  2. Love the shelf! I also love that it matches your back door…or so it appears in the picture. And of course, Freja is the best.

  3. WOW! I didn’t realize just how truly wrecked that garden shelf had been until I saw the before picture. Good work! It turned out really nice.

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