99 Projects: Gnome Terrarium

Project 3: Gnome Terrarium for my sister’s birthday

I had a bunch of gnomes that I bought a long time ago, saving them up for something. They are all holding gardening tools so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to create a gnome tableau.

The big globe/fishbowl is from the ARC thrift store and was 99 cents!

The plants are all succulents or sedum (stonecrops) from the Crassulaceae family – they store water in their leaves. These plants would not do well in a more traditional closed terrarium environment because it would get too wet. But the top is open and it will do great in a sunny spot with the occasional spray down with a spray bottle – definitely don’t need to dump water on this one!

The plants are draba aizoides, rupturewort, rosularia, sedum japonicum (“Tokyo sun”), mini hen and chicks and “jade towers.”

It will be interesting to see how big this stuff gets…

7 thoughts on “99 Projects: Gnome Terrarium

  1. I want to do outdoor terrariums with kiddos but haven’t yet found the right containers. I desperately want Z in particular to have a place OUTDOORS where all of her “little things” can congregate and feel welcome.

  2. April – what kind of containers are you thinking of/looking for? I could be on the lookout during all my thrifting/garage sale-ing/estate sale-ing. What about a big fish tank – a square one?

  3. Jill – I’m thinking of taking orders! But the themes are dependent upon what figures and animals I can find. If I can locate more gnomes, I will make you one.

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