Tapping Into The Zeitgeist #2

Here are the 5 things I’ve been thinking about lately. Have you been thinking about them too?


Scotties are on the rise. I see dozen of them walking, frolicking through meadows, chasing balls… And the Scottie is now a hot design element as well. Why, just today I bought an umbrella that has a Scottie dog head as it’s handle. It is plaid as well, making it just about the most perfect object one could buy. Anyway, Scotties are hot and expect to see a lot more of them. I can never decide if I like the white ones or the black ones better. It’s like the choice between vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The best is when a Scottie owner has been thoughtful enough to get one of each. Or, like my neighbor, have one that is brindle in coloring. Woah.


It’s a free-standing terrarium! Terrariums are popular right now but if you’re super deluxe you get your own Wardian case for your plants. It was invented by, who else, a guy named Dr. Ward because he had a bunch of cool plants that were being poisoned by the bad air in London (coal smoke, etc.). His ferns did so well in a glass case he had a carpenter build that he published a book about it in 1842 called On the Growth of Plants in Closely Glazed Cases. Hells yeah. Wardian cases are cool because their roofs are hinged, making it easy to lift up and water your plants and do any maintenance you may need to do, like putting cute little plastic gnomes in there. And if you live in the city, it’s a way to have a tiny greenhouse even if you have no backyard.


Sailboats are going to be the main way to get around on any body of water in the summer of 2011. Also, any piece of clothing you see with a sailboat on it, please purchase it. And if you are lucky enough to be invited to board a sailboat, please wear something both nautical and preppy.


Don’t let me catch you in flip flops this summer when there is now a plethora of cute espadrilles flooding the market! Bonus: espadrilles don’t make you walk like a duck. They have a more European flair and you don’t even have to worry about if you have nice toes and perfectly pumiced heels to wear them. They come in solids, stripes, checks, flowers, ikat patterns… invest in some and throw your flip flops away! You’ll be the best-dressed person in Target or at the state fair. Not sure where to go? Soludos offers several nice options for both men and women.


What the hell is this, you ask. A chimera? Yes, it’s a lionness with a snake at the end of her tail and a goat head growing out of her spine. Oh, yeah, and she can breathe out fire. Listen, I didn’t invent this. Blame the Greeks. While the creature is very popular in video and role-playing games, what I really like is the word itself, which also means an impossible or foolish fantasy, something that is hard to believe or impossible to realize. Example sentence: “Listen, Jane, your ambition to be a world-renowned mime is something of a chimera.” It’s a delusion! I think we all need to start calling out chimeras when we see them. If someone complains about it you can say, “I call chimeras like I sees ’em,” and they will likely have no idea what you are talking about.