Stuff Keith Watches When I’m Not Home

One of my favorite things to do, when I come back from an afternoon or evening out that didn’t include Keith is to find out what he watched while I was away. I think it’s very telling of his tastes when he’s not obliged to please me. I should say, however, that he  does try to watch things he finds interesting that he believes I will find uninteresting so that I don’t miss out on something we would enjoy watching together. That’s love.

1. The Venture Brothers

2. David Lynch’s cut of Dune (its very important to him that I clarify that it was David Lynch’s cut)

3. Star Trek I – VI plus Star Trek Next Generation First Contact (His ratings: II is “fantastic,” IV and VI are “pretty good,” I has its charms but “tries too hard to be 2001,” III and V are both “unbelievably shitty.” First Contact not too bad.)

4. Stripes

5. Triumph Of the Will (Yeah, I don’t know either. When questioned about this, Keith said it’s an important historical document but that it was boring after the first few minutes)

6. Moon

7. The Final Countdown

8. George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya

9. Duck Soup

10. Citizen Kane

11. Deadwood (I’ve seen Deadwood, this was a repeat watching)

12. Star Trek Next Generation episodes

13. Letters From Iwo Jima

14. Iron Eagle

15. Futurama

16. 2001

17. The first two X-Men movies

On deck:

HBO’s John Adams miniseries
The TV series The Prisoner, which he borrowed from a friend. Let me amend that – which he had pressed on him by a friend. This was 8 months ago. No Prisoner has yet to be watched but Keith’s feeling the pressure. What to say when the friend gets around to asking him if he enjoyed it? I maintain that watching an entire series just because someone pressed their box set on you is being too Midwestern.