2010: The Random Recap

small owl for blog2Best Experiences
Seeing this owl every Sunday at the dog park!
Going to NYC with Keith for a whirlwind vacation in early October
Dog Beach at Afton State Park with Keith & Freja
Biking along Highway 35 in Wisconsin around Maiden Rock and Stockholm before going to The Stone Barn for pizza and beer
Rock The Garden  in June
Art-A-Whirl in May

Best-est & Most Exciting-est Purchases
Nikon D5000 Camera
Frye oxfords
Orange silk dress from sale at Spinario in Minneapolis

Most Visited Websites
Wall Street Journal
The Daily Beast
Flashlight Worthy Books
The 99 Percent
SlushPile Hell

Most Interesting News Stories
Entertainment: Randy & Evi Quaid on the run from the “Hollywood Mafia” ties with the Mel Gibson Eruption
Twin Cities: Denny Hecker & Bret Favre continue their lonely death spirals
U.S. – The ongoing economic crisis/fallout from the housing & credit bubbles bursting

Best Books Read
Fiction: Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross
Nonfiction: I.O.U.: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay by John Lanchester (if you are a novice in the ways and means of Wall Street and want to understand the global financial meltdown, this book is for you – entertaining and educational)

TV Shows Adored
Of course I was still a Mad Men fan (and believe that no one deserves the Golden Globe more than Elizabeth Moss). And I really liked Louie. Still a CBS Sunday Morning superfan – best show on network TV. Excited to finally see East Bound and Down on DVD.

Best Restaurant Meals
La Grolla in St. Paul (Hi Katie!)
The Stone Barn in Nelson, Wisconsin
The Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC

Food Discoveries
The sweet potato… so much better than the potato!
Buying high-quality Parmesan cheese is worth it!
Whole Foods has a kick-ass cheese section.
I will never stop eating cheese.

Best Stores to Visit In the Twin Cities
B. Squad Vintage
Hunt & Gather
Arc’s Value Village in Richfield

Theater Productions Enjoyed So Much They Inspire Desire For More Theater-Going
The Crowd You’re In With – Walking Shadow Theater Company, Minneapolis
Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson – Broadway production

Movies I Didn’t Expect To Like So Much
Winter’s Bone
Inside Job

Movies I Expected to Like And They Didn’t Disappoint
The Kids Are All Right
Toy Story 3
Black Swan
True Grit

Movie I Felt Lukewarm About
The Social Network

Movies I Need To Rent Because I Missed Them At the Theater
The Town
Exit Through The Gift Shop

Soundtrack Provided By…
Cab Calloway
The Heavy
Paul Anka
Any and all big band music

I Changed My Mind About

I’m Just About Over
Network TV

Kinda Starting to Enjoy
New York Magazine
Better Homes & Gardens (guilty pleasure!)

People of Interest
Louis CK
Marc Maron
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Tyler Brûlé
Sophia Coppola
Elizabeth Edwards
Jeff Bridges
Lena Dunham

Bon Voyage, 2010… The Things & People We Should Leave Behind
Sarah Palin
Christine O’Donnell
Kate Gosselin
M. Night Shyamalan
Michael Vick
Denny Hecker
Hoda & Kathie Lee
The View
The Talk
Doing anything with “The Stars”
The Biggest Loser
The 40 hour (or 50, 60, 70 hour) work week
Kanye West

Bring In the New for 2011:
The rise of the cocktail peanut
Fewer Facebook “friends”
The prime time soap opera; think Dynasty
Wood cut prints
Navy blue
Game Nights




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  1. Yes!!!! One of my 2010 new year resolutions accomplished with a Saint Paul restaurant shout out. P.S. Totally in for game night 2011.

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