12 Days of Halloween: Today Show Costume Crush

You know how some people get really excited to see the new Hallmark ornaments for Christmas or a new design of the crystal ball that drops in Times Square for New Years or even the new toys in the latest movie-themed Happy Meal? I feel the same way about waiting to see what the Today Show cast dresses up as for Halloween. Because it is always so degrading and yet they act like they are having the time of their lives. This year they had Matt Lauer dressed as… well, I think Clark Kent but the overall affect was more Inspector Gadget. His part was taped because he had to dash off to interview George W. Bush, the lamest of all excuses to miss Halloween.

"Ah, Mr. President, what is it like to be such a downer?"
"Ah, Mr. President, what is it like to be such a downer?"

Then Al Roker jumped… I mean, stepped… out of a telephone booth as Superman. Now, Al Roker is about the furthest thing from Superman out there. At least they didn’t recycle the terrible wig from last year’s attempt at Indiana Jones that looked like black squirrel roadkill after several weeks of being hammered by cars. His costume looked like a cross between Superman on the body and James Brown on the head. [Al Roker news nugget: did you know he has a new novel called The Morning Show Murders? In reviews there are such comments as “surprisingly engaging” and a “solid, exciting crime novel.” And you thought all he had in him was the Big Bad Book of Barbecue


The Showman
The Showman

Next up was Ann Curry as Amelia Earhart. I think it’s Ann’s dream to portray every American Girl doll in the historical series for every Halloween for the rest of her life. Next year she’s going at Kaya, “a daring Nez Perce girl.” At least this year she didn’t get harassed by Ewoks.

My my my my my my Poker Face!
The Good Girl

Then it was time for Meredith Vieira’s entrance as Lady Gaga, warbling out one of the hits. The overall effect for me was Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Or Marilyn Monroe back from the crypt. Or maybe Miss Havisham. great_expect_havisham Oh, oops! Wrong photo.

I like to dance!
The Dame

And, finally, Natalie Morales, who never quite seems to be part of the “A” team no matter how long she hangs around. She was Justin Bieber and the most disturbing thing is that they have the same body. She really did look a lot like him and I think this should be of concern to her.

morales as bieber
The Ingenue

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Will Ferrell and Tina Fey were there as their Megamind characters. Forgot… or just blocked it out. Just shillin’