Fantastic Tweet of The Day – August 18

I’m switching things up today and doing most Fantastic Tweet of the Day. What can I say? I’m feeling positive!

“A friend of mine went on a first date for dinner at some guy’s house (dumb) and he baked a frozen pizza and put in “9 1/2 weeks.” Um????”

That sounds like something that would have  happened to me, back in the old dating days. If his goal was to watch something steamy, he should have gone with something like, maybe, Unfaithful with Diane Lane? 9 1/2 Weeks is just a laff riot.

1 thought on “Fantastic Tweet of The Day – August 18

  1. I can think of all sorts of movies that would go in as an attempt to get steamy and just horribly misfire…. Eyes Wide Shut, Showgirls…

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