Hey, Here’s Summer Stuff

freja in waterIt’s summer and there are suddenly some new things to be excited about… As the group of bums standing around outside Hums Liquor yelled at me today, “It’s time to hit the beach!” Yeah, totally! I thought to myself, “What if I took them up on their offer, went to some beach with them and never even called work to say I wouldn’t be returning?” What if? This seems to be what life is all about, people.

First and number one, there’s this. I’m so excited for Season 4 I find myself dreaming about it sometimes. When I’m not dreaming that I can’t find a house I’m looking for because the address on the piece of paper I’m holding keeps changing. That’s a fun one.

Next and number two, there’s Tim Gunn’s new book, Gunn’s Golden Rules, available for pre-order on Amazon. I’m pretty curious about it and I love the fussy cover photo – he looks like a very smug and happy Dickensian character.

There’s the Joan Rivers documentary, Joan Rivers A Piece of Work, which is supposed to be very well-done. And there’s The Kids Are All Right, releasing on July 9th,  in which Annette Bening and Julianne Moore play a lesbian couple with children who seek out their surrogate. I love the idea of Annette and Julianne as a couple. They look good together.

And if you’re a fan of the film Troll 2, you’ll be happy to know that the film about Troll 2, Best Worst Movie, is coming to Minneapolis on Friday, July 23 for one week.

There’s Party Down Season 2, currently on Starz (but about to wrap up) and available to download ( I watch through Netflix/Roku). The episode with the party at Steve Guttenberg’s house is some of the best TV comedy I’ve seen in awhile. I mean, since, like, Friends.

And then there is the fact, FACT, that the Flaming Lips are going to play Roy Wilkins Auditorium on September 19th. One of the best concerts I’ve seen (besides Cheap Trick and INXS back in ’89) was Flaming Lips at the State Fair. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, June 26 and I believe they are $39.50. Everyone should go. I haven’t been this excited since I heard about Bros Icing Bros.

And even art nerds are loving the World Cup. Italy is out! France is out! This Saturday there’s the big USA game vs. Ghana but on Sunday is the real barn buster: England vs. Germany. Stir up all those old war rivalries! Axis vs. Allies, right? I’m going all Germany on this one. I like their precision.

Surely more to come…