The Bears Are Out Of Hibernation

I stumbled across the Minneapolis Movie Bears site when I heard about a rummage sale they are having. It makes me supremely happy that a group like this exists in Minneapolis. I like it when people come together and do their thing, whether it’s bears who love movies or middle-aged women who love dolls. Whatever it is.

I also ♥ their logo, which looks like we’re peaking in on the A&W Root Beer bear when he’s off the clock and living his real life…

mpls movie bears

A&W bear
See what I mean??

Here’s a description of the group and how it works: “It’s drama free and very straight forward. Very few rules. You look – explore, vote (for the movie you want to see) and if you’re going to eat (before the movie), you show up… We’re here to have fun.

The group is a lot of fun and most of us are so different. The one big thing we have in common is we like to see movies. Talk good about them, talk trash about them. It’s all there.”

Can I join Mpls Movie Bears? I love to talk trash about everything.

Admittedly, the website design could use a little work but, hey, everyone has a day job around here. It’s tough to keep things Web 2.0. Anyway, check out their rummage sale, which started on Thursday but is still on through Saturday (May 22) at 2830 W. 70 1/2 Street in Richfield. Support Minneapolis Bears and their movie-going ways! Guaranteed to be drama free.