Shock & Terror

birds attackI’ve been waiting to see BIRDEMIC for weeks and it finally arrives at the Uptown Theatre for the Midnight Madness movie on May 21 and 22. I’m “organizing” an outing for the Friday show. The quotation marks indicate that by “organizing” I mean – I’m going and I told a bunch of other people about it, via Facebook.

Sigh. Facebook. Won’t start on that rant here, but it’s brewing.


I first heard about the film on some indie film site, after director James Nguyen brought it to Salt Lake City during Sundance after being rejected for the festival. He showed it at a bunch of bars, etc. Then I saw an article about it in the NYT and then I saw this profile of Nguyen and the film on CBS Sunday Morning, my favorite nerd show ever. Yes, I get up on Sundays to watch this.

So… anyway… join the crowd, won’t you? Friday, May 21, midnight, Uptown Theater in Mpls. You’ll laugh. You’ll think about crying and then you’ll laugh some more because it’s all so very crazy, like life, really, when you stop to think about it. And, oh, I’ve been thinking about it.

“I definitely liked it more than ‘Avatar,'” said one moviegoer in Portland, Ore.