Heads Will Roll

Man, I’m really into the song “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs right now. I don’t know much about the band, except that Karen O is known for her extravagant dressing (at least until upstaged many times over by Lady Gaga). I guess I just don’t pay that much attention to music. But this song actually motivated me to go out to YouTube and find the video.

And then I felt sad. It’s not a very good video. And I guess I’m not alone. On YouTube one of the comments is, “This music video makes me sad for some reason.”

Here it is. Please watch so that we can have an intelligent discussion:

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

Was the drummer in my 7th grade homeroom? I think he was.

Karen looks very bored throughout this entire tableau, as if she, too, finds the concept dull.

This song deserves more than just: Michael Jackson-esque lion man shows up at a nightclub, does some lame dance, people applaud (out of politeness), lion man turns evil, walks after people as they run away, slashes them to death, band is dead. It’s a deranged version of So You Think You Can Dance (Lion Man)?

The tiny pony tail on lion man was a nice touch.

The song is “Heads Will Roll” but the lyrics say, “Dance ’til you’re dead.” But there’s no crowd dancing!

Here’s my alternate concept that I’d like to sell to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… The setting is a rave in the early-to-mid 1990s. The band and a DJ are up on the stage. The crowd is filled with caricatures of ravers – the man in the diaper with the lollipop pacifier, skinny guys in leather pants and face paintings, a woman dressed like Mary Tyler Moore (I’m getting that because a woman who lived across the hall from me in my dorm went to raves and I remember once she dressed like she was MTM, complete with beret). And one guy is dressed in a lion mask.

Yes, all the revelers think he’s just another party animal. But then his eyes glow red and he starts taking out ravers, cutting their heads off, or chewing them off , whatever, spraying blood everywhere. The ravers think the blood is just part of the party, like how in Ibiza they have foam parties.

But this is a blood party! So no one tries to leave but then it’s too late anyway, they are all being attacked!! OMG! Even the band gets attacked and killed.

In the end, it’s just Lion Man doing his Michael Jackson moves amidst the bodies and the DJ on stage, who’s so into his music that he doesn’t even noticed what happened. And maybe some people in the VIP bottle service area. Oh wait, I’m mixing up raves with the Ibiza club scene… I hate it when I do that.