Newsflash: Tim Gunn Not a Fan of Flip Flops

A full review of the book Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style to come but I will share this nugget of information. Tim Gunn doesn’t like flip flops. He refers to wearing them as being akin to strapping slabs of rubber to your feet. I agree.

Don’t get me wrong – I have flip flops. There are times when flip flops are 100% appropriate. At the beach. While washing the car. For padding around the house or the backyard in summer. OK, you need to run to Target, wear the flip flops.

Here is when flip flops are in bad taste: A beautiful woman emerges from an apartment building with her hair done, wearing a black dress and cute cardigan. Wow, where is she off to? Oh, wait. What is on her feet? Black flip flops. It’s like wonderful music is playing and then the record scraaaaatches to a stop. Flip flops with that? Oh, honey. No.

I saw this scenario while walking my dog one afternoon.

Remember when those high school girls were chastised for wearing flip flops to the White House to meet the President? The stuffy old lady in me was secretly glad.

One thought on “Newsflash: Tim Gunn Not a Fan of Flip Flops

  1. thank god someone is with me on this!
    i have a deep deep hate of flip flops. i hate them even more when people call them thongs. but when i mention my hate of said footwear, all i get is scorn. SCORN! as if i am defaming the very nature of summer by not approving of the wedging of cheap plastic betwixt my delicate toes. please.

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